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Martha's Wine

Two Hundred Years of History


The history of Martha’s, one of those families that have devoted to Port wine production in Douro, dates back to the first quarter of the XVIII century, specifically to 1727. Interestingly, this is the date of the first regulation Feitoria Inglesa do Porto, established in the seventeenth century, and a landmark in the history of the Douro. From this date, the wine trade started to be a constant and it crossed all the generations of the family until nowadays.

Martha’s is one of the oldest family owned Port Wine wineries, and has been combining tradition with high quality standards across six generations so far. It was the second generation of the family to embark on the decisive adventure of commercializing grapes in the areas of Cambres and São João de Lobrigos from their own vineayard. It was still needed two more generations for Manuel Nogueira, from the generation of that time, to begin the production and selling bulk wine to other wine merchants. Margarida Nogueira de Jesus, the youngest of three children, married Manuel de Almeida Marta, and from this union, the family began to bottle and market Port. The next generations devoted themselves to the business of Port wine, always very attentive to the quality and distinctiveness of the product. The current generations ahead of the company give a more decisive step to consolidate and expand the family business internationally. Since ever, the whole cycle is done within the family, from the growing of grapes, to the winemaking, bottling and commercialization. Martha’s Properties in Douro a

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