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Impero Collection Premium

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Drinking good wine with good food in good company, is one of life's most civilized pleasures

Michael Broadbent

Founders of IMPERO WINE DISTRIBUTORS, Fabio De Filippi and Ombretta Tonelli are both partners in life as well as partners in business and together they have created IMPERO.


Drawing on their 25 years of experience in purchasing and sales in both the retail and the wholesale markets, they have put in place a very distinct and unique business concept where their network of distributors covers multiple States.


They have been present in the US market for 15 years as wine importers and distributors and are firmly consolidated with more than 400 brands in their portfolio, specialize in Italian wines, they also offer a selection of Californian, Argentinian, Spain and France wines.They are committed to providing the best quality, service, price and experience there is to offer in the market.


Their network of distributors work alongside them as partners and collaborators, sharing their knowledge and experience across the country, all benefiting from the carefully selected portfolio that CAPUT MUNDI WINEIMPORT INC. has put together for the group.


IMPERO WINE DISTRIBUTORS currently stretches across the United States. This incredible network of experienced distributors work to serve their customers with devotion and commitment, confident of the product they sell and passionate about offering the best solution for each and every one of them.

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